This 13-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Is 55 Percent Off, AKA $1.40 Per Bowl

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So, people REALLY like this mixing bowl set. At the bottom of this piece I’ll show you some of the 729 customer reviews, 90 percent of which are 5 out of 5 stars. First, let me tell you that the set comes with four nested prep and mixing bowls, four stackable measuring cups and five teaspoons. Oh, and also that it is over half off.

Normally $40, this mixing bowl set is 55 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $40, this mixing bowl set is 55 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Vremi 13 Piece Mixing Bowl Set on sale for $17.99

Now, for some of the reviews. The top one is by Deborah Shows, and yes its title is in all-caps: “I LOVE THESE AND I ALREADY PUT THEM TO USE

I got the Vremi 13 Piece Mixing Bowl Set with Measuring Cups and Spoons – Large and Small Plastic Mixing Bowls with Colander and Micro Strainer – Nesting Colorful Kitchen Bowls for Baking and More and these are such a great surprise for me. When they came and I opened the box, I was really amazed at how lovely this set looks. I am going to get such good use out of this set starting tonight. I am so happy with this set of bowls, measuring cups and spoons because I start all my cooking for Christmas tonight and I am just itching to get in the kitchen and get started with these pieces. I love the big bowl and the strainer that comes with it is a bit smaller making it easy for me to get my flour and confection sugar sifted for cakes and candy. The set includes the large red bowl with rubber non-slip bottom that will hold 16.5 cups, yellow small measuring bowl that has a pour spout that holds 2.4 cups, blue colander, and the purple small mesh strainer sifter. If you are looking for a gift for someone that loves to cook, are you love to cook this is the set for you. Wish I had found this set sooner. This is one set of bowls that I recommend for everybody, starter outs in the kitchen to older cooks like me of sixty-one.

Then you have Mom2Seven writing “Vremi FTW!! Accurate measurements, amazing price!!“:

We are in love with this set! There are so many great things to say that it’s hard to know where to start. We bought this set to help teach our tweens beginning cooking skills. Everything nests together for easy storage and I know they have all the measuring and mixing tools they need when they take out this set. There’s no fumbling through drawers and cabinets searching.

Because accuracy is very important in measuring we did a few tests. First, we measured water with a medical syringe to test the measuring spoons. They are perfect! Every single one measured exactly as stated. Next, we tried the measuring cups. We used water again and it also measured perfectly. Dry goods are a little trickier. We used bread flour and referenced the flour chart on recipe source. One cup of gold medal bread flour weighed 4.7 ounces and 4.8 ounces when we repeated. Recipe source lists a cup of gold medal bread flour as weighing 4.75 ounces. I’d say these measuring tools are extremely accurate! That’s so important, especially with baking!

There are a few pieces and features we really love. The fine mesh strainer is actually a thick, flexible plastic. It has held up very well and we have not had any rusting like we have experienced with metal strainers before. The non slip grip on the bottom of the big mixing bowl is really helpful as are the handles and pouring spout on the smaller yellow bowl. The measuring spoons and cups have the measurements etched onto them as well as printed. We’ve had many a set that the print eventually wore off on and it’s great knowing that won’t be a problem with these.

And CookieMonster calling it a “Space Saver!”

So I was looking for a save spacer solution for my limited amount of kitchen storage space and saw this on amazon. I absolutely love this the minute i opened it in the box. Everything stacked perfectly together allowing me to just store it in one spot using minimum space. The color is super vibrant which I love how it brightens up my boring black pans. The quality is also really good because it’s not those flimsy thin plastic that would break easily. it is made out of thick plastic which i dropped so far twice and it’s still intact.. In this collection there is a sifter and the quality of that is great as well because it’s fine. So you can even us it to sift large quantity of flour if needed.

Definitely check this out if you’re looking to save some space in your kitchen.

If you want to read some 710 positive reviews, go right ahead. I think those provide the gist.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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