SI Swimsuit Introduces New Plus-Sized Model – Have They Learned Nothing?

Ashley Graham Getty Images/Fernando Leon

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Sports Illustrated continued its trend of plus-sized models with the recent introduction of Michelle Vidal.

I thought America had kind of decided to come together and end this nonsense. Apparently I was wrong. Again, nobody is saying that there is something wrong with larger people, but it’s naive to pretend that SI’s swimsuit issues are flying off the rack because of women like Ashley Graham instead of Hailey Clauson.

Did SI listen to the logical arguments of others and myself about this trend and how unnecessary it is to celebrate obesity? Of course these corporate hacks didn’t. Instead, they chose to push their inclusive diversity, regardless of whether or not it’s what the audience wants. So, say hello to Vidal. This should go over incredibly well with the Sports Illustrated audience.


Did you find that video any less attractive than a video of Kate Upton or a physically fit topless model?

Congratulations. You’re officially a bigot and a sexist pig. Perhaps we should throw in racist for good measure.

Do you find the following video attractive?

You should be absolutely disgusted with yourself. True beauty would be if she was 100 pounds heavier with clogged up arteries. I’m so happy to be living in a world with beauty standards set by what we’re told we should like and consume instead of what we actually want.

Sports Illustrated clearly isn’t Burger King, and you can’t have it your way.

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