Turns Out I Was Right About North Korea — We Should Have Bombed Them Long Ago

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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They say everything is 20/20 in hindsight, and it looks like I might have been 100 percent correct about bombing North Korea.

In early April, I wrote a piece urging President Trump to knock out the North Korean military because I found them annoying and I didn’t want them to get a nuclear weapon. If the fight was inevitable, then it’d be better to get it over with as quickly as possible.

I wrote in part:

The dictatorship in North Korea has starved its people, executed many more and attempted to use fear to control a region. That can all end real quick.

Now, admittedly I am not a military expert. I never served in the military.

But I am an expert in patriotism. For dealing with this situation we might as well assume my patriotism makes me an expert on how to defeat North Korea. Our Air Force could obliterate his Soviet-era planes before any of them got off the ground, hit his artillery sites with stealth bombers, take out the missile sites we know off and deploy special forces to sweep up anything we need on the ground.

Something tells me fat boy Kim Jong Un isn’t going to notice an insertion of special operators while his entire military is getting bombed back to the stone age.

North Korea was entertaining for a little bit, but like all things it’s run it’s course. Now we end the story with some good, old American firepower.

I received a lot of pushback, but I held the line. Sometimes being correct isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Now there are reports North Korea has a miniaturized nuclear device that can fit on a missile, and Trump is threatening “fire and fury” against the regime of Kim Jong Un. Seems like this problem has grown exponentially in the past four months. If only somebody had suggested that might happen? Oh wait, somebody did.

Seems like my little old suggestion from April was pretty damn smart in hindsight. I understand why lots of people didn’t want to listen to me. What do I know? I’m a simple Midwestern kid who loves beer, football, freedom, guns and this country. I hate to brag, but if simple David Hookstead can see the writing on the wall, then how did all these pundits and experts urging for caution overlook it?

Is it hard being right about everything at the young age of 25? It’s certainly not easy, I can tell you that for sure. I’m also not saying the Trump administration should start reading everything I write to figure out what to do, but some might suggest it’s not the worst idea.

Congrats to everybody who told me I was an idiot for suggesting North Korea would only become more of a problem. You all played yourselves like a fiddle.

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