11 Of The Most Inappropriate City Names In The World [SLIDESHOW]


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I don’t know about you, but I really want to know who is, and was, responsible for naming certain cities and towns throughout the world.

Granted, some names are stolen and simply pronounced differently. Like Lima (Lime-ah), Ohio as opposed to Lima (Lee-muh), Peru. And even better, Versailles (Ver-sails) Ohio. Hello, Versailles, France? Sorry to have to pick on Ohio, but they’re asking for it. Whoever named these towns didn’t bother to whip out one ounce of creativity.

But then for those who do decide to get a little creative, sometimes they whip out a little too much and leave a mark on a town that would make anyone do a quick double take. Like c’mon, Canada — Ta Ta Creek? Really? Couldn’t think of something better for a beautiful mountainous area? What parent can look at their kid seriously in the face and say, “Hey sweetie, we have to go visit your grandma in Climax, Georgia. Start packing!”

And that’s only the beginning of some of the most inappropriate city and town names in the worldCheck it out for yourself below.

Alissa Stechschulte