Somebody Thought Painting Fat Women Was Artistic -It’s Actually Disgusting

Gold woman (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Turns out my crusade for returning to normal standards for models and not celebrating obesity is getting some major pushback.

Several larger women were painted up in massive amounts of metallic paint, for a reason I don’t understand, but the pictures should come with a “graphic content” warning.

Daily Mail ran the laughable headline, “Now THAT’S body art! Plus-size women proudly show off their ‘rolls and bellies’ as they pose naked while covered in metallic paint in stunning photoshoot.”

Yahoo chose to go with, “This metallic photoshoot is a glorious celebration of plus-size bodies.”


Has nobody been listening to me for the past few weeks? Why is the world celebrating obesity? It can literally kill you. We don’t celebrate other things that kill you, so why is obesity different? Crystal meth isn’t celebrated and can ultimately lead to the same outcome as obesity.

This is turning into a national crisis. Something must be done. If we saw somebody shooting up heroin, we wouldn’t photograph it as an achievement of beauty. We would put an end to it.

Perhaps we should use the great wisdom of Michael Scott. You shouldn’t be a model if you are too big to share a rowboat with somebody. Seems like a reasonable standard.

Before all you losers jump down my throat about how I hate fat people, let me clarify once again. I don’t hate fat people. They are awesome for a variety of reasons. I, myself, am trending towards the fat line. Some of my coworkers, specifically the female ones, would already say I am fat. So, this is not about fat people. This is about the narrative being pushed that if I don’t love fat models, then I’m a disgusting pig.

Well, if liking videos of Hailey Clauson topless makes me a pig, then I’ll oink all the way to the bank.

Oink oink losers.

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