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Traitor And Genetic Male Bradley Manning To Appear On Cover Of Vogue

Chelsea Manning/CC BY-SA/Handout via REUTERS

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First Bradley Manning betrayed his country. Then he betrayed his own gender. By all means, let’s celebrate his “achievements,” and enable his delusions about himself and the world he lives in.

Amber Athey reports:

Vogue recently photographed Chelsea Bradley Manning, who has been released from prison after being convicted of espionage and theft…

Manning has now been photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, a women’s fashion magazine. In the headline for a story about Manning, Vogue says, “Manning changed the course of history. Now she’s he’s focusing on herself himself.”

Bask in the glory of it:

To which I can only reply:

Don’t let anybody shame you out of telling the truth about this man. He’s not a woman, he’s not a patriot, and he’s not sane. Pretending otherwise doesn’t help anybody, least of all him.

And saying so isn’t “hate.” It’s reality. Trying to coerce people into telling a lie is wrong, even if you think you’re sparing somebody’s feelings.

Plus, that color is all wrong for him. Good lord, Leibovitz, you’re supposed to be a professional.