Trump Rips Media ‘Collusion’ Narrative [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Ryan Saavedra Contributor
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President Donald Trump ripped the media’s “collusion” narrative while speaking to a group of reporters at his New jersey golf club on Thursday.

“We have a situation which is very unusual, everybody said there’s no collusion,” Trump said. “You look at the counsels that come in, we have a senate hearing, we have judiciary, we have intelligence. So we have a House hearing and everyone walks out, even the enemies, they said, ‘no well – there’s no collusion, there’s no collusion. So they’re investigating something that never happened.”

President Trump proceeded to explain his thoughts on why Russia didn’t want him to win the presidential election.

“If you think about it, I want a strong military. You see our budget – it will be up by, it will be hundreds of billions of dollars soon, our military budget. Russia doesn’t like that,” Trump said. “Hillary was going to cut the [military] budget, substantially.”

President Trump also pointed out how energy production under his administration is driving down the price of energy – and is a threat to Russia’s energy production – before he accused the Russians of collaborating with the Democrats to create the now debunked Fusion GPS dossier.


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