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Looks Like We’ll Have To Wait A While Longer For The First Female Navy SEAL

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As the Google company has taught us this week, men and women are completely the same in every way. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between the two sexes, and saying otherwise is a firing offense.* That’s why it’s great that the U.S. Navy has finally started allowing women to join their Sea, Air, and Land Teams. Now they just need to make it easier for those gals to keep up.

Saagar Enjeti reports:

The first female Navy SEAL officer candidate voluntarily left training in the initial stages of the process Aug. 2, Task and Purpose and former Navy psychologist Josh Cotton report.

The female candidate was the first to qualify for training since the Pentagon lifted restrictions on women in special operations roles. Task and Purpose explained that the candidate left the training process in the earliest stage…

The failed candidate was reportedly a college junior female Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps midshipman.

Well, I can’t blame her for trying. I don’t know the percentage of men who drop out after a week or less, but I have to imagine it’s pretty high. SEAL training isn’t summer camp.

I’m ambivalent about women in combat. Part of me wants them in the kitchen making me a sandwich, and part of me wants them fighting for our country so I don’t have to. But ultimately, I figure if a woman is willing to make the same sacrifices and do the same work as a man, she deserves the same shot as a man.

Just as long as it doesn’t mean changing the rules to make it easier for her. If this woman washed out, that’s that. The military isn’t there to make people feel better about themselves.

Yeah, yeah, I know. How can I even offer an opinion on this, when I look and move more like an actual seal than a SEAL? Well, because I’m not telling the Navy to lower their standards so I can join. I can’t do what those guys do, but I don’t expect them to stop doing it just because it’s not fair that they’re better than I am.

Maybe someday a woman will become a Navy SEAL. Until that day, then?

(Hat tip: Amanda Prestigiacomo)

*This is also why we need to start electing women instead of men. Yeah, I’m not sure how to square that circle either. Just go with it.