This Wine Aerator Will Enhance A $5 Bottle Into A $20 Bottle

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Wine aerators are an underutilized device. By putting it atop your, you’ll soften tannins and enrich flavor for any bottle of red and even select bottles of whites. It’ll even keep your wine fresh for four full days after opening.

They say you are supposed to decant your red wines for an hour or two to “let it breathe” before drinking…but this aerator does that for you without the wait. It adds significant value to your wine, which is why it usually costs $100. Today only, it can be yours for just $40.

Normally $100, this electric wine aerator is 60 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $100, this electric wine aerator is 60 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

The Original WAERATOR Instant Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Decanter on sale for $39.99

This aerator is a must-have for all wine lovers, just as the Daily Caller Wine Club is a must-join for wine lovers.

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Les Deplorables wine (Mike Raust)

Les Deplorables wine (Mike Raust)

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