Canadian Military Provides Tent City For Illegals Crossing U.S. Border

REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The tent city prepared by the Canadian military for illegal refugees is ready for occupancy, according to a Thursday Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) announcement.

About 100 soldiers deployed to the obscure border town of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacole, Quebec to erect temporary accommodation for the illegals that are entering the country from an abandoned country road in northern New York. The soldiers assembled 25 modular tents that can house up to 500 people.

The soldiers even laid-down wood flooring, installed lighting and provided heat. Earlier in the week the RCMP also pitched in make life more comfortale for the so-called “asylum seekers” by providing porta-potties and electricity. After “surrendering” to police, the illegals are  bussed into Montreal, about 30 miles away, and sent to the former Olympic Stadium there.

In a news release, DND said, “The site is ready to welcome migrants with lighting, sanitary facilities and camp cots installed.”

The illegals are coming by the thousands every week with no end in sight. According to the national president of the Customs and Immigration Union, Jean-Pierre Fortin, who has been critical of the government’s borders response across Canada, the numbers are increasing.

Most of them are Haitians who were living in the U.S. They believe they will be deported by President Donald Trump because he has mentioned the cessation of temporary refugee policy that allowed Haitians to come to the U.S. after the 2010 earthquake that created a humanitarian crisis on the impoverished Caribbean island.

Since the Canadian government is doing nothing to stop them, migrants originally from Syria and the Congo are also making the journey from New York to Quebec.

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