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Andrew Kaczynski Serves As A CNN Publicist AND Reporter

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN President Jeff Zucker must be as happy as a clam to learn that Andrew Kaczynski is working overtime as a CNN reporter and publicist.

Who knew Kaczynski was a such a multi-tasker? All that and time for all those cat selfies and memes.

On Sunday, Kaczynski got into a dustup with Washington Post media writer Paul Farhi about why CNN’s “Reliable Sources” media program had scant coverage of CNN’s firing of President Trump surrogate and contributor Jeffrey Lord earlier this week. The network canned Lord after he tweeted a Nazi salute to Angelo Carusone, the head of the leftist PR arm of the Democratic Party known as Media Matters.

Brownie points for Kacyznski! The KFILE journo took it upon himself to defend CNN for not discussing the Lord incident in greater depth.

Farhi raised a stink on Twitter one minute before the media show concluded Sunday.

“So, just one slight reference to @CNN‘s firing of Jeffrey Lord, @ReliableSources? Big story this week. Lots to discuss. Why ignore it?”

This is when Kaczynski jumped in to play publicist.

“Seems somewhat inconsequential given everything else going on,” he replied.

So what constitutes newsworthiness in Kaczynski’s kitty littered mind?

As some may recall, a month ago, Kacyznksi was skewered by the masses and doxxed after he wrote a story disclosing (well, sort of) the Reddit user who created the video of Trump wrestling with a CNN logo. Now that seems consequential. Anyhow, in the course of his reporting, Kacyznksi used a line that infuriated anyone with a brain — he wrote that HanAssholeSolo was appropriately contrite so Kaczynski wasn’t including his name.

“CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change,” he added. (This was apparently added by a CNN superior, but the truth is,  Kacyznksi never fought it.)

Farhi could hardly believe what he was seeing with Kaczynski’s argument against more coverage of Lord’s firing.

“On a media review show? If @foxnews was ignoring its own bad news, would you say same?” Farhi asked the CNN spokesman.

“I haven’t been complaining about Fox covering Bolling though I might if it was a slow week,” Kaczynski shot back, referring to Fox News suspending host Eric Bolling after The Huffington Post reported that he sent a picture of his genitals to multiple female Fox News and Fox Business employees. Bolling has denied any wrongdoing and is suing the reporter.

Farhi knew just how to stick the knife in Kacyzynski’s psyche.

“So you think @cnn  standards should be/are same as @foxnews standards?” he wondered.

Kacysnksi schooled Farhi, saying, “Looks like Brian did mention Lord’s departure and said you could read about online at the end of the show.”

But Farhi wasn’t interested in learning from K-FILE.

“8 seconds,” he wrote. “Then go read it somewhere else. If that’s your definition of adequate coverage, so be it.”

Kacyznski employed a tactic better publicists before him have tried — come on, this is such a non-story.

“Again, seems like kind of a busy week for something so inconsequential,” he wrote.

Still, Farhi put a period on his point.

“Point is, news orgs aren’t great about covering themselves,” he declared. “All are guilty to some extent. Rare for fire to go inward. Seems to be case here.”

The response: Crickets.