Pompeo Says He’s Seen All Obama Admin’s ‘Unmasking’ Requests, Won’t Say If It Was Spying

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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CIA Director Mike Pompeo says he’s seen all of the unmasking requests made by members of the Obama administration during the election.

In an interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” Pompeo would not reveal whether the requests constituted spying on President Donald Trump, his campaign or transition team.

Obama officials asked for various intelligence documents to be “unmasked” to reveal the names of any Trump campaign or transition members connected with surveillance of meetings with foreign governments or officials.

Pompeo would only say that the CIA had worked well with Congress.

“There is an active investigation going one all across Capitol Hill. We have done our job as the CIA. We have provided information and responses to inquiries from multiple committees, Senate and House side. We will continue to do that to make sure they can perform their oversight functions properly,” the director stated.

Wallace asked if Pompeo had “seen all the requests” made by the Obama administration.

“Yes,” answered Pompeo.

Wallace inquired if he was “satisfied that they are all legitimate?”

“We provided all that information to Capitol Hill….There’s an active investigation going on, Chris. We’ll let them complete their work.”

As to whether Pompeo thinks the issue “merits more investigation,” he insisted he doesn’t want to interfere with the process.

As a former member of Congress, he said he wanted to give them “all the headroom they could possibly want.”

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