Art Show Featuring Pink Tampon Chandelier To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood

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A Colorado art gallery will hold a silent auction featuring reproductive art, including a pink tampon chandelier, in an effort to fund struggling Planned Parenthood clinics in the state.

The Colorado Chapter of the National Women’s Caucus for the Arts (WCA) is hosting the auction  — titled “Make Money For Planned Parenthood” — from Aug. 19 to Sept. 15, displaying artwork donated by WCA members. The exhibited pieces will center around reproductive rights, poetry, and live music.

“We do have one gal making a pink chandelier with tampons hanging off of it,” WCA member Linda Gleitz told local Louisville newspaper the Daily Camera. “It’s fabulous.”

“I feel passionately about Planned Parenthood,” said Gleitz, who is paying to rent out the auction space. She said she didn’t have a specific goal in mind, but simply wanted to raise as much money for the organization as possible. “If we can make a little bit of money for Planned Parenthood, it’s worth it,” Gleitz said.

Artists showing their work in the auction can choose to donate some or all of the sale price to Planned Parenthood. “Most girls are donating 100 percent,” Gleitz said.

“Since the new administration has become an unfortunate reality six Planned Parenthood locations have closed down in Boulder County alone. This is a small drop in a big bucket attempt to raise some funds for them,” the event page states.

“You know healthcare is so uncertain right now and you know if 23 million people get kicked off of their coverage and there’s no Planned Parenthood, a lot of people are going to go out without reproductive healthcare,” Gleitz said. “It’s definitely increased the urgency, as have the words of our president, whose name I cannot say.”

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