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CBS: Right-Wingers Are Deadlier Than Islamic Terrorists Or Something

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Hey, everybody, right-wing extremists are more dangerous than Islamic extremists. I know this because CBS News “looked at the data.” You want to see “the data”? Here’s “the data.”

Wait, wait, wait. What’s this?

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Why does the count start on September 12, 2001? That seems like an arbitrary date. What’s significant about that day in history?

If you don’t count 9/11 as an extremist attack, then I guess you don’t have to count 9/11 as an extremist attack. You don’t have to include those numbers in “the data.”

That’s some damn good journalism, huh?

This is why nobody trusts you anymore, CBS et al. You’re so eager to smear your ideological opponents that you’ll willfully ignore the deadliest terror attack in American history, which happened within living memory of most of your rapidly dwindling audience.

What happened in Charlottesville this weekend was disgraceful. So is lying about its place in history.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)