Dem Strategist Questions Trump Supporter’s Blackness [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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In an explosive CNN segment, Democratic strategist Keith Boykin accused Paris Dennard of not actually being black because of his support for President Trump.

The intense exchange started when Dennard, who worked as the director of black outreach under President George W Bush, said he supported President Trump’s statements about the Charlottesville, VA riots.

“The reality is that President Trump has not done enough and I’m ashamed that you, as an African-American, Paris, will not say that,” Boykin shot back.

“Keith, I don’t need you try to pull my black card,” Dennard responded. “I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to try and classify me as being one.”

“Are you?” Boykin asked rhetorically, prompting an angry outburst from Dennard.

“Do not go there!” Dennard said. “I know what it means to be a black man in this country I know and I experience racism on an everyday basis by being a Trump supporter and by being a proud American who happens to be a Republican.”

Dennard explained that members of his family went missing in Georgia because of the KKK, yelling at Boykin, “don’t come to me and tell me what it means to be a black person in this country!”

Boykin called Dennard “sensitive,” causing Dennard to implore Brooke Baldwin to “keep your guests under control!”

“I will not come on this show and be disrespected,” Dennard concluded.


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