Leftists Get To Pretend Their Ignorance Is Moral Superiority


Donna Carol Voss Freelance Writer
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I am so tired of ignorance masquerading as moral superiority. I didn’t say anything when the ignoramus crowd clamored (and clamors) that Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote. True. But meaningless. That’s not how we elect a president. If you don’t like the way we elect a president, work to change it. Unless and until it changes, don’t show your ignorance by braying that Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote like it means something.

I didn’t say anything when the same ignoramus crowd brayed (and brays) that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. I would refer anyone who cares to the actual requirements for serving as president. Since the year George Washington accepted the presidency, the legal requirements haven’t changed. A presidential candidate must be:

  • a natural-born citizen of the United States;
  • a resident for 14 years; and
  • 35 years of age or older.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to be qualified. That’s how a peanut farmer, a former actor, and a reality television star all make the cut. Bray away, but you’re only embarrassing yourselves.

I didn’t say anything when the same ignoramus crowd plus Maxine Waters—clearly a crowd unto herself—intended (and intends) to impeach President Trump. Again I refer anyone who cares to the actual impeachable offenses: treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Please don’t bore me with Russia. And don’t waste your time trying to convince any of the rabid set that they are irrational to the point of damaging the presidency, our national security, and our freedoms. It’s their religion. If their version of Jesus Christ—George Soros maybe?—appeared from on high and declared with celestial authority that there had been no collusion with Russia, the rabid would simply whoosh like a school of fish onto some other proof of treason, like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin both bought the same kind of socks at a Men’s Wearhouse once.

For the truly ignorant, I point out that Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and didn’t miss a day of work. The impeached official remains in office until conviction, and the Senate acquitted Clinton. Impeachment is not removal from office. Get a clue.

I started to speak up when royal blooming idiots with access to sensitive information sold fellow Americans down the river to embarrass an unembarrassable man. These same people probably thank soldiers, sailors, and airmen for their service when they encounter them in airports or restaurants or Boy Scout meetings. All the while putting them and their fellow troops at more risk. And then Hollywood goes and makes—I wish I could swear—a movie about Edward Snowden like he’s some kind of hero.

But now. Now, I am really enraged over the lunacy about North Korea. “Wait!” cry the ignoramus crowd from their fetid vat of moral superiority, “a preemptive strike is inappropriate”—or rash or unnecessary or overkill or whatever politic way they want to put it—“we can’t strike until Kim Jong-un takes out Denver.”

Let’s see, we maybe save three million Korean lives now by foregoing a preemptive strike, but we almost certainly lose 20 million American lives later by waiting. After the 20 million of us are gone, who’s going to save the three million Koreans then, hmm? There’s a reason parents are instructed to put on their oxygen masks before helping their children. If the parent goes, there’s no hope for the child. If America goes, there’s no hope for the Korean peninsula. Or Israel. Or Western Europe. Or. Or. Or.

Great balls of fire, I’m mad.

So it’s Donald Trump’s fault that Kim Jong-un is a wack job? It’s Donald Trump’s fault that every president before him just bought bigger clothes, i.e., pretended we weren’t getting fatter, i.e., pretended North Korea wasn’t going gangbusters on its nuclear program. This whole “chickens come home to roost” thing only makes sense if you’re talking about the cowardice and ignorance of former presidents who let it be always the next guy’s problem. While taking full credit for making the world safer at the same time.

(Don’t make this a gender thing—we have enough problems without having to certify that it could be a gal but hasn’t been a gal but might be a gal and maybe even should have been a gal. We’re talking nuclear attack. Let’s save moving the deck chairs around on the gender Titanic for later.)

We’re here now. And if I weren’t already sure that nothing could be worse than Hillary Clinton as commander-in-chief, I would be sure that no one could be better than Donald Trump to protect our people and our country. If you think it’s evil to prioritize Americans over any other people on earth, I hate to tell you, but your ignorance masquerading as moral superiority is the epitome of evil.

It’s fine if you hate this country and think we don’t deserve to defend ourselves. Well, it’s not fine, but it’s your right as an American. And please note the irony of hating a country that gives you the freedom to hate it without fear of harm or death.

You know what’s sad? North Koreans think they are the luckiest people on earth. They’re eating tree bark but because they’re kept in total darkness about the state of the world, they feel sorry for the rest of us. Ignorance plus moral superiority equals North Korea. Ignorance plus moral superiority equals Americans who are hell-bent on taking the rest of us down with them.

Donald Trump is qualified to be president. He was duly elected to be president. He is the best commander-in-chief to steer us through a potential debacle with North Korea. Did you think this day would never come? Did you think that President Obama’s apology tour made everyone like us again? Did you think that Hillary Clinton was going to make Kim Jong-un—who is suspected of having his own brother killed, by the way—any less of a wack-job?

No matter what happens with North Korea, because of Donald Trump’s willingness to protect us at all costs, more Americans will be alive to continue braying that he didn’t win the popular vote, isn’t qualified to be president, and deserves to be impeached. If preserving and protecting our country means more ignorance will masquerade as moral superiority, well, you can’t win ‘em all.