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Daily Vaper: Blitz Revolutionary Musketeer RDA Tank Review

YouTube screenshot/Jai Haze

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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The Blitz Revolutionary Musketeer RDA is 24mm in diameter and has 3 different airflow modes. The airflow gives you the option to adjust to a specific preference based on whether you are looking for more flavor or greater vapor production. You can have single or dual coil builds, whichever you wish.

The video review demonstrates how to build the Blitz Revolutionary Musketeer RDA, so that you can put it on your mod and vape it. He created a build that he saw fit, but it may not have the way it was actually meant for. The airflow tubes that run under the coils are designed to be directly underneath them to provide for a better flavor. The reviewer says, “We all know how I feel about clones at this point, but EVEN being a little clonish (not a full 100 percent clone), I could say this wasn’t a bad device at all. If you can find it for the right price I would say pick it up. The airflow itself is crazy with all the configurations.” He gets very good vapor production and is impressed by the flavor that is released. He rates Blitz’s Revolutionary Musketeer RDA a 6.5 to 7/10.

Blitz Revolutionary Musketeer RDA Atomizer on sale for $39

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