Kelly Ayotte: Warren Running In 2020 Would Be Favor To GOP [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte said Tuesday that Sen. Elizabeth Warren running for president would be “a favor to Republicans.”

“I actually think it would be a favor to Republicans [if Warren ran],” Ayotte said on Fox Business Network, “because I don’t see Senator Warren appealing to the states especially that President Trump won.”

Ayotte explained that she believes the Democrats’ insistence on pushing further left and adopting more progressive policies will ultimately harm them in elections.

“If you think about Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, those states where you have these hard-working folks in the midwest, I really don’t see her appeal there,” she said. “I also think that the fact that the Democrat Party is moving farther to the left is not what the American people want in terms of getting things done to help create more jobs, infrastructure, security at home.”

During Netroots Nation, a progressive conference, this past weekend, Warren asserted that the future of the Democrat Party is “progressive” and they will not “go back” to appeal to moderates.


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