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Millennials Finally End The Civil War

REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

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As every living American with European ancestors knows, the Confederacy is our fault. We did that. We’re responsible for that. It’s our solemn duty to apologize at every turn for looking like people who died 150 years ago. If you don’t think it’s your fault just because you weren’t even born yet, you’re a racist.

But now, finally, it’s over. At long last, the good guys have won.

They did it!

Stand tall, young man. Not only did you kick the ass of an inanimate chunk of metal, but you struck a vital blow in the never-ending battle against racism. That statue will never hurt anyone again.

This doesn’t go far enough, of course. As long as anybody even remembers the Civil War, we’re bound to repeat it. The next step is to erase it from our memories altogether. Remove it from the history books.

Better yet, why not burn them? We can make huge bonfires out of those evil history books, and cheer and chant, and savor our victory over the people we hate. How glorious it will be.

That trick always works.

Look, man, I don’t care about some stupid statue. It’s not worth fighting over, and it certainly isn’t worth dying over. But this is just insane. Angry mobs destroying stuff so they can get that endorphin hit of self-righteousness.

And if you think it’s a bad idea, well, you must be a white supremacist. You’re next.

Feed the mob, or be fed to the mob.