Tim Tebow Just Made This Grandmother’s Day

(Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

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Tim Tebow was signing autographs yesterday after his game and one fan asked him to say hello to his grandmother. Tebow agreed, of course and the fan captured the moment on video to take back to his grandmother, Miss Margaret.

In the video Tebow says, “What’s up Miss Margaret, it’s Tim Tebow hope you’re having a great day, God bless.”

Danny Terp, grandson to Miss Margaret, posted the video on Twitter. The video shows Tebow saying hello and then the grandmother’s reaction. The moment she saw the video and heard him say her name, she had the most priceless reaction.

Terp said it was the happiest he has seen his grandmother since she had a stroke. This is not the first time Tebow has made someones day. He was playing in a game in late July when a nine-year-old boy came up to him while he was on deck to take his at-bat. Tebow turned around gave the little boy a handshake, and when he stepped up to the plate, he knocked it out of the park.

He also helped a fan with cerebral palsy sing God Bless America.