Antifa Rioters Sink To A New Low – And Try Bring War Heroes Down With Them

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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People are struggling to figure out if too many white people fought in WWII or if antifa members are the equivalent of the brave men who stormed the beaches on D-Day.

A few weeks back, entertainment writer Mehera Bonner stirred controversy after criticizing Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk.” She claimed it was “mediocre at best and it’s not because [she’s] some woman who doesn’t get it.”

Self-inflicted sexism aside, Bonner bewailed the movie’s apparent racism. She asks:

…how about any other marginalized group? These stories shouldn’t be relegated to indie films and Oscar season. It’s up to giant powerhouse directors like Nolan to tell them, which is why Dunkirk feels so basic. It’s a summer war movie. It’ll make you fear for the future and pray that we never fight again.

Well, because the battle of Dunkirk involved white British and Allied soldiers. Not as many African American soldiers fought in WWII (it was before the civil rights movement of the 1950s, remember). While black Allied soldiers certainly contributed to the war and deserve our utmost respect, Nolan’s film would have been historically inaccurate if the majority of the people at Dunkirk weren’t white men.

With the race card in mind, note how Bonner loaded her concluding statement by praying we’ll never fight again.

If Bonner and the stockyard of oft-offended millennial beatniks are against war, why do they hawkishly support violent groups like Antifa?

It couldn’t be any blunter. Antifa has no interest in settling things peacefully. They aren’t advocating for new laws and and civility – they’re anarchists.

Herds of militant flower children like Bonner advocate nonviolent solutions but hail radicalized groups like antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others as war heroes. They don’t want change. They want chaos.

These are violent, hateful factions who’ve taken advantage of a country divided. They’re rioting simpletons, not war heroes.

War heroes are people who love this country more than they love their own lives. They believe in the more perfect union that is America. They put themselves in harm’s way not to start chaos but to establish order and freedom. They administer violence only as a last resort. They are not selfish and they are not fearful. They’re highly trained, highly organized, and fight evil on all fronts: nazism, radical Islamic terrorism, brutal statism, etc. And they fight abroad so evil doesn’t wash up on our own American shores.

War heroes are people like my father, who devoted his entire adult life to a cause greater than himself. He didn’t wake up one day and decide to riot because he felt icky about the President. He deployed multiple times to fight terrorism and destroy violent regimes. And yes, he fought so others could speak freely. My father gave his life protecting his brothers on the battlefield in Iraq.

He would be sickened to have ever been put in the same category as the rioters in black hoodies at Berkeley.

The antifa protests such as the one against Milo Yiannopoulos are not testaments to their valor. It proves their fear of any opposing ideologies. Their riots are attempts to silence anyone who resists their movement. Antifa, Occupy Wall St, Black Lives Matter, and other radicalized groups are not war heroes. They’re despicable lunatics who spread censorship and violence.

They do no symbolize war heroes. Perhaps they’re unaware because they’ve never been at war. But I’ll call them as I see them. They’re terrorists.