CNN, MSNBC Ignore Violent Antifa Protesters [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN and MSNBC are doing their best to ignore any violence at Charlottesville that was committed by the leftist Antifa protesters.

Some anchors have criticized President Donald Trump’s claim that there was violence on “both sides,” insisting that there was “no other side” besides people who peacefully “confronted the racist hate groups.”

“There are not two sides, there’s hideous hateful enemies of America, enemies of freedom, and there were people exercising their free speech,” MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza similarly said, “On the one side you have hate filled people who want to eliminate people because of what they believe or what they look like, and on the other side you have people who don’t agree with that.”

However, as video clips from Charlottesville show, members of Antifa were often just as violent as the white supremacists and, in some cases, provoked or attacked first.

That’s not to say that the two groups are moral equivalents, but the media narrative that the counter-protesters were non-violent, peaceful people is just plain false.

It only takes a cursory glance at Antifa’s past instances of violence to confirm that they are anything but a peaceful group: stabbing a police horse in the neck, hitting people in the head with bike locks, burning the UC Berkeley campus, rioting on Inauguration Day, and assaulting reporters and police officers.

Antifa is even classified as a domestic terror group by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security.

Watch for yourself and decide if leftist protesters are responsible for any of the violence carried out this past weekend.


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