Feminists Dox And Harass Transgender Game Journalist For Writing About Online Harassment

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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A transgender journalist has come under fire from prominent feminist Anita Sarkeesian for penning an article about harassment.

Sarkeesian’s words prompted a torrent of harassment to be directed towards the writer, causing her to be doxed.

Social justice warriors disapproved of the writer’s communication with a controversial video game personality, with whom she spoke to write the article. So they doxed her for the conversation.

In her Kotaku UK article, transgender game journalist Laura Kate Dale spoke to John Bain, better known as the YouTube gaming personality TotalBiscuit, about his experiences with online hate mobs and cyberharassment — two issues that remain at the forefront of discussion in the game industry.

The wildly popular, if sometimes controversial YouTuber was one of the central figures in the GamerGate debacle when it first kicked off in August 2014. Bain was one of the few voices on the liberal left who raised his voice in support of the movement for ethics in games journalism.

His support of GamerGate clashed with the game journalists’ progressive narrative that the controversy was a mob of misogynists who hated women in video games — a view that remains parroted by the mainstream press to this day.

Dale attempted to shed some light on the topic of online harassment with her article by interviewing Bain, who remains one of YouTube’s longstanding personalities in the video game scene. After all, who better to speak of the issue than one of the individuals who often stands at the center of these Internet firestorms?

Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist best known for her “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games” YouTube series, did not approve. Sarkeesian, who has made numerous media appearances, objected to Dale’s decision to offer Bain a platform to speak — as if his 2.2 million subscriber count doesn’t speak for itself.

The feminist previously harassed YouTubers at Vidcon 2017 when she publicly berated those seated in the audience of her panel.

“Outrageous & irresponsible of Kotaku UK to post this puff-piece on a Gamergater on the hate movement’s anniversary,” wrote Sarkeesian on Twitter, referring to the inception of the event.

Sarkeesian’s tweet was widely shared by feminists and other social justice warriors, including several game journalists, causing Dale to receive an avalanche of hate from people expressing their “disappointment” with the fact that she spoke to Bain.

Dale has since deleted her Twitter account to quell the mob.

The Daily Caller was informed by a friend close to Laura Kate Dale that the writer, who is transgender and suffers from depression, was doxed in response to writing the article.

Although Sarkeesian’s tweet was widely shared by feminists, Bain and others condemned her for it.

“Alright Anita, I’ve ignored you for 3 y ears and your fade to obscurity is delayed by me acknowledging your existence, but you’re a hack,” wrote Bain.

“Anyone who tells people Not to read an anti-harassment article with advice on how to combat harassment, is not anti-harassment,” he continued. “As if we didn’t already know. Anita is interested in one thing, milking as much from this industry as possible intellectual dishonesty.”

Bain pointed out how Sarkeesian “poisoned reasonable discourse” on the topic of representation in games, through their lies about the medium, and highlighted Sarkeesian’s hypocrisy in attacking someone who only wanted to fight against harassment, by being harassers themselves.

Other gaming personalities, including Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett and gaming YouTuber Jim Sterling chimed in to denounce Sarkeesian’s call-out.

“Anita is an intellectually dishonest, bigoted, hypocritical bad actor,” concluded Bain. “She is poison, we need moderate, rational progressive voices.”

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.