Former Miami Dolphins Player Tries To Flee Courthouse, Injuring Two Officers, Police Say

(Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Correction: The article has been updated after The Daily Caller was contacted by legal representatives for Dimitri Patterson.

Two police officers were injured when former Miami Dolphins cornerback Dimitri Patterson tried to flee a Florida courthouse on Tuesday, police told the Miami Herald.

The Herald did not report on why he was at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center in Miami.

Police spokesman Argemis Colome said that Patterson ran when a judge ordered that he be detained.

A court interpreter told WSVN, “Some type of scuffle where the police or bailiffs or officers — two of them got involved. For whatever the reason, the person was resisting.”

A female officer went to the hospital and was released after being knocked down and hitting her head, and a male officer injured his wrist, Colome said.

Patterson is expected to be charged with battery of a police officer, the Herald reports.

Patterson played in the NFL for 10 seasons with six different teams and racked up 162 tackles during his time in the league, according to Fox News.