Hottest Celebrities Over 40 [SLIDESHOW]


Aislinn Murphy Fact Check Editor
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Everybody dreads getting older, but the fear is especially strong among women in the film and television industry.

Hollywood is always looking for the next generation of big-name stars to fill blockbuster roles, often turning to young actresses under the age of 30. Despite up-and-coming actresses entering the movie industry each year, there are countless leading ladies over the age of 40 that will never relinquish their place in the spotlight. (RELATED: Jennifer Aniston Flashed So Much Leg At The Academy Awards That People Think She Deserves An Oscar)

These aging celebrities work hard maintaining their amazing physiques to compete with younger actresses entering the scene. Some of these women have won prestigious awards for acting, earned a spot on Sexiest Women Alive lists, and earned top dollars in the movie industry.

Here’s a slideshow to appreciate Hollywood’s hottest women over the age of 40. Age is just a number, ladies, and you’ve proven that to us.