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Now They’re Comparing Antifa To American Vets

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America beat the Nazis. Then America beat the Commies. Now some self-styled Nazis are fighting some self-styled Commies on American soil, and our veterans have been drafted without their knowledge or consent. The Greatest Generation are now Communists, whether they like it or not.

Ladies and gentlemen: Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media will congratulate themselves now.

It’s weird how all these guys had the same idea at the same time, huh? I think this pretty much confirms the existence of JournoList 2.0.

My grandfather was a career Navy man. He stood up to the Nazis, and then he stood up to the Commies. He must be turning over in his grave at these ridiculous morons comparing him to a bunch of feral children in skull masks, bashing people in the head with bike locks and burning cars and breaking shit because they lost an election.

Check it out, these guys are storming the beaches of Normandy all over again:

You people have all lost your minds.

(Hat tip: the Stephen Miller who doesn’t work for Trump)

P.S. Ben Shapiro writes: “This is horrifying stuff. The fact is that anti-fascist violence by Communists helped drive Hitler into power. It helped promote Mussolini’s regime. Antifa’s tactics help the alt-right by allowing them to proclaim themselves victims of violence, defenders against the red horde.”