CNN’s Cuomo Calls ‘Extreme Right’ The ‘Number One Domestic Terror Threat’ In America

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo labeled the “extreme right” as “the number one domestic terror threat in the U.S.” Thursday while co-hosting “New Day.”

“If you take anarchists at their worst, do you have malefactor? Do you have criminals in their ranks? Do you have people who do violent things? Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is not a moral equivalency to the KKK,” Cuomo said. “It’s certainly not an equivalent to what we see on the right. Just look at the stats. The number one domestic terror threat in the U.S. is the extreme right. There is not even a close second.”

“That’s all they’re about is hate. Two out of three people on this panel they don’t want to exist!”

Cuomo was speaking with CNN commentator Bob Ferguson, whom he accused of trying to equate groups like Antifa with the KKK. Ferguson defended his position and said people must realize violence and chaos doesn’t stop with white supremacy groups.

“What I’m saying is there are individuals in this country, human beings in the country that do want a race war, and do want to cause violence and pain and even death to other people,” Ferguson said.

Cuomo interrupted Ferguson, “Yes! they’re called the KKK. They’re called white supremacists and neo-Nazis.”

“This is where people are so hyper focused on one issue only that they are completely missing the point that many Americans understand,” Ferguson replied. “There is no doubt that the KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis are disgusting and vile, despicable human beings. That should be able to be a statement that is stand alone on it’s own.”

Ferguson asked if it was possible to have a second, separate conversation about violence stirred up intentionally, meant to increase racial hostilities and bring about a race war.

“There are violent people out there that when they see an opportunity to become violent, when they see an opportunity to create a race war that they do show up everywhere and travel around the country to try to have a race war,” Ferguson said. “There are people that want to do that.”

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