GOP Senate Candidate Dukes It Out With CNN Host [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN host Kate Bolduan and VA Senate candidate Corey Stewart had an explosive exchange Thursday while talking about the political violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Stewart, who is running against Democrat Tim Kaine for the US Senate, defended President Trump’s insistence that “both sides” were responsible for violence in Charlottesville.

“No one has been talking about, except for the president and myself, about the violent Antifa that have been equally to blame for the violence that occurred,” Stewart said.

Stewart argued that establishment Republican leaders are not calling out the violence of the far left because they’re “afraid of being labeled by CNN as racists and bigots.”

Bolduan shot back that people don’t want to call out the alt-left because “someone died,” to which Stewart said, “you’re trying to use this poor woman’s death to say that confederate monuments should be taken down.”

“I’m sorry, is that what I said at all?” Bolduan said. “If we could all be a little intellectually honest here…”

“Intellectually honest? Coming from CNN…” Stewart joked.

“Stop talking. Stop talking for a second,” Bolduan chided. “You’re the guest on my show.”


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