MSNBC Makes Interview With Heather Heyer’s Mom About Politics [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked Heather Heyer’s mother five straight questions about President Donald Trump in an interview Thursday.

Despite claiming at one point that she didn’t want to make the interview about politics, Tur seemed to have a hyper focus on getting Susan Bro to say something negative about President Trump.

“Have you had a chance to speak with the president?” Tur asked.

Bro responded that she had been too busy with her daughter’s memorial to speak to Trump, although she indicated that the president had tried to reach out to her several times.

The second Trump-related question was whether or not he had been invited to speak at the memorial, to which Bro said she had not invited any politicians because they did not know Heather personally.

“You said yesterday that you’re speaking now because your daughter cannot speak now,” Tur followed up. “When you do have a chance to speak to the president, what will you tell him?”

“My daughter had a mission to make things fair and equitable for everyone and I’m going to continue that mission,” Bro said, “and anything he can do to further that mission, I’ll be behind him.”

“What would you like to see him do,” Tur asked, continuing to push Bro into making a political statement.

“I don’t know…I don’t know. Um, I wouldn’t presume to know what the president does or how he does it so I really wouldn’t want to speak to that at all,” Bro responded, trying to guide the interview away from politics.

Tur didn’t take the hint, and said, “I wouldn’t want to make this about politics but politics is so consuming…the president went on to blame both sides…did you have a reaction to that?”

“I did not because I am a person who believes have all your facts before you make a statement,” Bro said, echoing the president’s explanation for why he didn’t initially call out white supremacism. “I didn’t watch the rally, I don’t know if there were non peaceful protesters.”


Ironically, the chyron for the interview read, “Mother of woman killed in Charlottesville discusses her daughter’s legacy,” even though Tur spent a huge chunk of time discussing Donald Trump.

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