MSNBC: ‘Should The Far-Right Be Confronted With Force?’

screenshot/MSNBC: Aug 14, 2017

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC tweeted out an ominous question Wednesday night: “Should the far-right be confronted with force?”

The tweet linked to a video with “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Mark Bray, a Dartmouth College lecturer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks “hate groups,” but has been known to label mainstream conservative groups, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, as extremist hate groups. SPLC has also labeled “right wing libertarianism” as an “extremist” political ideology.

Todd introduced his segment with Cohen by explaining that Antifa, a leftist group labeled a “domestic terror group” by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security, “sometimes” responds to white supremacy with force.

Bray admitted that he is an “advocate” of responding to white supremacists with violence, but Todd never asked him why he thinks violence is okay. Rather, Todd asked if Bray thought Antifa actions could allow white supremacists to claim victimhood.

Even if Todd wouldn’t fight back with Bray, Cohen jumped in and denounced Bray’s form of protest.

“Hate is not illegal in this country,” Cohen said. “Violence is illegal.”

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