Bowling Green Kicker Earns Full Scholarship After Nailing 53-Yard Field Goal

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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Bowling Green football kicker Jake Suder faced one of the most intense situations this week and the season has not even started yet.

Head coach Mike Jinks challenged Suder to make a 53-yard field goal and said that if he made it, Suder would win a full scholarship. Jinks’ thought process was that if he can handle the pressure of a full scholarship on the line, he will be able to handle a game that is on the line.

And Suder nailed it.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Jinks noticed he was having a very good practice that day and thought, why not? Suder made the 53-yard field goal look easy. The team went crazy and picked him up celebrating the walk-on that had just earned a full scholarship.

Suder made 9 of 12 field goal attempts last season. The Falcons are scheduled to open the season against Michigan State on Sept. 2.

Here is the video posted by Bowling Green’s recruiting staff: