Former GOP Chair: CNN Is ‘Using’ Heather Heyer’s Mom For Politics [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Ed Martin, former chairman of the Missouri GOP, slammed CNN Friday for “using” Heather Heyer’s mother to advance an anti-Trump political agenda.

CNN has repeatedly shown Susan Bro’s comments that she would not talk to President Donald Trump about her daughter after watching his comments about Charlottesville, VA on Tuesday.

Martin took issue with the proliferation of Bro’s comments on the network, telling CNN host Kate Bolduan that it is inappropriate to use Bro’s comments “as a political argument.”

“I’ve been in this situation, there’s a lot of emotions,” Martin said. “It sounds to me like you used it at the beginning of this hour as a political cudgel.”

Bolduan was taken aback by Martin’s criticism and denied that she was using Bro’s comments politically.

“I played what a grieving mother said,” Bolduan said incredulously.

“You say we’re going to put aside the political conversation until later,” Martin responded. “When you’ve buried a child, Kate, I can tell you this: when you first hear your child died…you whip back and forth in emotions.”

“So the idea that CNN put at the top of the hour this clip and say, ‘look at that, isn’t the president wrong’…when you lose a child, you don’t get to have a political calculation foisted upon you by CNN or anybody else,” Martin said. “Yes, we ought to honor her, but we ought not to put it at the top of the hour and pretend that Cillizza is gonna make it authoritative that the president is wrong.”

“It’s not fair to [Bro],” he concluded.


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