GOP Senate Candidate Calls Out CNN For Exploiting Heather Heyer’s Death

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GOP Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart accused CNN of exploiting Heather Heyer’s death at the Charlottesville rally to advance its political agenda, and called the network out for not condemning left-wing groups like Antifa.

“Obviously it’s a great tragedy what happened and what is even more tragic though is CNN trying to exploit this woman’s death to try to say that all this violence was caused by the far right when there was violence by both sides,” Stewart said on “New Day” Friday. “Antifa is a radical left wing violent organization which you and other liberals have refused to condemn.”

Cuomo asked why Stewart would defend the suspect James Fields — Stewart claimed he never did.

“Chris did you ever here me defend him? I’m never going to defend a murderer,” he said. “YOU defend violent lefties like Antifa. I’ve never heard any Republican defend this son of a gun who murdered this poor woman.”

Stewart expressed concern that Democrats refused to call Louisiana GOP Rep. Steve Scalise’s shooting terrorism and their weak response emboldened anarchy further. “The blood is going to be on your hands,” Stewart told Cuomo.

Cuomo quickly rebuked Stewart, warning him not to be cavalier with the facts. “Corey, I caution you not to be reckless with the truth on this particular show.”

“You do it all the time, You’re reckless on the truth every morning,” Stewart fired back.

“They are thanking you Corey Stewart,” Cuomo said. “Your friend Jason Kessler and the far right is thanking you. They are thanking you.”

Stewart flipped the script back to Antifa, calling them “a far left-wing aggressive violent organization,” that needed to be condemned.

Stewart stressed the need for unity and condemnation of hatred across the political spectrum and said, “We need to conmed both sides. Not just the right. You’ve got to condemn the left otherwise, Chirs,  you’re going to get more and more violence committed by the side that was never condemned. Antifa. It’s going to happen again. We should stand together and condemn all violence in America.”

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