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Let’s Destroy All The Statues Of Dead White Guys, Including Abraham Lincoln

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Congratulations, America. You wanted mob rule because you’re angry about not getting President Grandma like you were promised? Well, now you’ve got it. Enjoy.

NBC Chicago:

An Abraham Lincoln [statue] was damaged and burned in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood late Wednesday, Ald. Ray Lopez said…

The statue, a bust of Lincoln, was erected by Phil Bloomquist on Aug. 31, 1926.

It seems very strange to destroy a statue of Abraham Lincoln because you’re angry about Confederate monuments. But then, I didn’t go to Chicago schools.

Look, man, I have no idea what Trump is talking about. That press conference on Tuesday was insane. A lot of people are convinced he was praising Nazis and the Confederacy and all the other bad things, but I think he’s just a really dumb guy who’s in way over his head. He’s not evil, he’s just a scatterbrained dope. Like the saying goes: “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence.” I didn’t want him to be the GOP nominee because I didn’t think he’d be a good president, and boy was I right.* But he’s not a freaking Nazi.

Your anger at the President of the United States doesn’t give you the right to run around destroying stuff and hurting people. How about you guys stop fighting each other in the streets, and leave Honest Abe out of it?

Yeah, I know a stupid blog post isn’t going to change anything. At least you read it.

*”At least it’s not her. At least it’s not her. At least it’s not her.” That’s my mantra.