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Tina Fey On Surviving 2017: Let’s Just Eat Cake

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Tina Fey had her chance to change presidential politics for the better, and she blew it. Way back in February 2008, she said this about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton:

“Bitch is the new black!” Fey made a forceful case for putting women in the highest halls of power. And then, mere months later, what did she do? She turned right around and crapped all over a woman who threatened the Democrats’ grasp on that power.

Fey’s commitment to feminism stopped at the line between the aisles. She went from “Bitch is the new black” to “I’m backpedallin’, bitch!”

Now she’s back with some advice for all the other good little liberals about living in the America that she helped create: Let’s just eat cake.

I salute Tina Fey’s bravery. Speaking out against the President of the United States when the Democrats are out of power? Just imagine the consequences to her career.

A lot of angry white hardcore feminists with Buddy Holly glasses — in other words, Tina Fey’s base — are pissed off about her advocacy of face-stuffing over face-smashing. It’s not enough that Fey excuses Antifa’s violence. It’s not enough that she says all the things she’s expected to say about Trump and the Republicans.* She can’t make a humorous point about her own feelings of futility without being branded a traitor to her cause. While she eats cake, her sisters-in-arms eat their own.

This is the America she wanted.

Hey, at least we’ll never have to worry about President Palin. At least we kept that bitch out of the White House.

Right, Tina?

*Two separate categories.