GOP Rep: ’90 Percent’ Of My Voters Don’t Know Who Bannon Is [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican representative Claudia Tenney guessed Monday that most of her constituents don’t know or care about former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

After Bannon’s resignation from the White House, he wrote that the Trump presidency is essentially over and his news organization, Breitbart News, has promised to go hard after Trump if he strays from the Bannon agenda. The Bannon-Breitbart duo has essentially promised to be a perpetual thorn in Trump’s side.

“With Steve Bannon going back to Breitbart…with that as a backdrop, we are approaching some deadlines in September for the debt ceiling, for a government shutdown–is this impeding congress’s ability to get done what it needs to get done?”

Tenney said that while the “media maelstrom” over Bannon’s departure is “divisive,” she doesn’t think it will have a major effect on the average constituent in her district.

“If you walk down the street of my district, I bet 90 percent of the people wouldn’t even know who Steve Bannon is,” she said. “They elected the president by a 16 point margin, my district, surprisingly, in upstate New York–a district where Mitt Romney only won by 1 percent.”

“They did that because of the agenda,” she continued. “We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost people…they would like to see business stay and grow.”


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