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Morning Mirror: Breitbart Journo Loves Promoting Himself

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“If you feel empty inside it’s probably because you’re not tweeting enough.” 

Comedy Central.











Former Daily Caller writer defends the pub in the face of vile accusations 

“They let a million flowers bloom.” — The Daily Beast‘s Matt Lewis.

Read his story here.

Milo Yiannopoulos strikes out at SNL’s Leslie Jones after she bashes him 

“We will see who has the lasting cultural impact — an unfunny, thin-skinned ‘comedian’ who only gets work because she is black and ugly and people feel sorry for her, or the most influential New York Times bestselling conservative activist of his generation.” — Milo Yiannopoulos. See the full story here.

Ellen’s producer blocks enemies on Twitter 

“Not sure the exact number of people on Twitter but I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked half of them today. Goodnight friends.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

NBA player says no to MAGA 

“At the end of the day the country was found on rapping, slaughtering and enslaving people so if that’s what made America great than I’m out!” — JR Smith, basketball player, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Media analyst is dismayed that his roommates watch CNN 

“Got back to my house after running and roommates are watching CNN… SMH.” — Cameron Cawthorne, media analyst, Washington Free Beacon.

LAX has a paparazzi-free terminal 

This is awful if you’re an entertainment scribe. But a relief if you’re a movie star.

Speaking of LAX…

“Life update: I live at LAX now.” — Kelsey Snell, WaPo.

Words of wisdom

“Find someone that loves you the way @Acosta loves himself.” — Sean Agnew.

ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! 

“Once again on @FoxNews in a few moments. Tune in?” — Raheem Kassam, Non-“London” bureau chief, Breitbart News.

Journalism prof wants Trump to resign 

“The only way for Trump to honor his Oath of Office–in which he swore to protect and defend the United States–is to resign immediately.” — Seth Abramson, journalism prof, University of New Hampshire.

Life imagined: Death by hot Uber 

“It’s a thousand degrees and @Uber driver doesn’t have the ac on is this how I die?” — Amelia Hammy, children’s author.

Trump, Bannon — and Hannity 

“My friend Kevin wonders: in the Trump-Bannon divorce, Who gets custody of Sean Hannity?” — Charlie Sykes, MSNBC analyst.

The Observer: Journo finds stupidity in NYT saying sorry for Bubble tea story 

“I honestly can’t believe the NYT apologized for the blog tea story. The internet is so fucking stupid.” — Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones. See here.