SPECIAL REPORT: Sexism Is Shamefully Rampant In Many Of America’s College Degree Programs

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Education, psychology, health professions and various specialty degree programs ending in the word “studies” are among America’s most sexist college majors, according to data collected by the American Enterprise Institute.

Family and consumer science is America’s most sexist grouplet of undergraduate majors. Males constitute just 12.3 percent of all students majoring in the field, which largely trains home economics teachers, according to aggregated 2015 data.

Health professions programs (for, e.g., future physician assistants and speech-language pathologists), public administration programs and education programs on America’s college campuses are also rife with sexism. These female-dominated departments manage to attract just 15.6 percent men, 17.9 percent men and 20.2 percent men respectively.

table courtesy of American Enterprise Institute

table courtesy of American Enterprise Institute

Other female-dominated undergraduate degree programs which embarrassingly fail to graduate males include psychology (just 22.8 percent male) and all the various departments which end in studies such as African-American studies, women’s studies, queer studies and Latino studies (just 29.5 percent male).

America’s biology departments are also dominated by females at the undergraduate level. They produce a shortage of men with just 41 percent of undergraduate degree going to males.

A significant minority of visual arts degrees are awarded to men as well — just 39.7 percent.

Undergraduate programs with majorities of males include computer science (82 percent male), engineering (80 percent male) and history (59.9 percent male).

Another American Enterprise Institute data set for doctoral degrees shows that many Ph.D. programs in the United States are also stained by sexism.

Only 32.1 percent of the students enrolled in America’s female-dominated doctoral programs in education are male, for example.

In health sciences, the figure is just 30.3 percent male at the doctoral level.

And in public administration, just 34.5 percent of the students enrolled are male.

table courtesy of American Enterprise Institute

table courtesy of American Enterprise Institute

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