Charlottesville City Council Meeting Goes Wild [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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This week’s Charlottesville city council meeting exploded when protesters clashed with police and yelled obscenities at the city’s mayor.

The protesters who attended the meeting Monday were upset with the city’s handling of a white supremacist rally two weekends ago.

Mayor Michael Singer had trouble talking over the screaming protesters at the meeting, and eventually told them, “I’ll have to call you to order” and threatened to “start expelling” people who kept interrupting.

His threat did little to calm the aggression in the meeting, as attendees yelled “we don’t care what you have to say!” and “we don’t care about the rules!”

When Singer followed through and had police remove the protesters, the meeting descended even further into chaos.

Protesters resisted the police trying to remove them from the meeting as the yells of fellow attendees at the mayor grew louder. Others pushed the police and tried to block them from removing those who had been expelled.

Then, one group of protesters went to the front of the room with a large sign that read, “blood on your hands,” prompting cheers from the rowdy crowd. The group cheered even louder when the city council members finally left the room, and the live stream of the event cut off when some yelled “fuck you!”


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