CNN Hypocritical On Criticism Of The Daily Caller [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN came after The Daily Caller this morning for a piece about Barron Trump, alleging that TheDC has too much time on their hands.

“The Daily Caller, for whatever reason, because they did not have enough to do, because the eclipse wasn’t enough to keep them happy, decided to criticize the clothing worn by Barron Trump,” host John Berman said angrily.

The only problem is that CNN seems to be the outlet with a lot of time on their hands. Not only could they squeeze in two segments about Springer’s article on Tuesday, but they also spent six minutes interviewing an Instagram commenter. During the interview, they asked her if she spent a lot of time on Instagram and how she felt about Mnuchin’s wife responding to her comment with a long rant.

That’s right – CNN found a random woman who commented on the Instagram account of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife with “deplorable” to appear on national television.

The criticism of The Daily Caller came because of an article written about Barron by TheDC’s entertainment reporter Ford Springer on Monday. Springer suggested Barron dress more nicely when he is traveling with his family, recalling how his own parents made him dress up for events when he was a kid.

CNN apparently didn’t find the article very humorous, and had on a three person panel to talk about the piece.

Unfortunately for them, they showed their own hypocrisy in the process.

Good one, guys.


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