USC Kicker Sues Over Expulsion For Non-Existent Assault

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The University of Southern California reportedly has a video tape clearing expelled football player Matt Boermeester, and is being sued to release the film.

A groundbreaking report from the Los Angeles Times details Boermeester’s petition to get the tape released, and his expulsion overturned.

The LA Times reports in part:

The investigation lasted two months, the petition said, but there weren’t audio recordings or transcripts of witness interviews and Boermeester wasn’t allowed to possess copies of the documents or evidence in the matter.

“USC provided no process for [Boermeester] to question, if even indirectly, the complaining witnesses against him,” the petition said.

It added that Boermeester’s and Katz’s repeated assertions that nothing untoward occurred is supported by video from a security camera that USC allowed them and others to view in an on-campus office. The school wouldn’t turn over a copy of the video to their representatives, the petition said.

Boermeester was unceremoniously tossed from USC, despite all the evidence pointing to the fact he was accused of nothing more than the word of a distant witness, who had no idea what was going on.

This situation is insanely screwed up. The man’s own girlfriend claims school officials ignored her statements supporting her boyfriend, and stated, “When I told the truth about Matt, in repeated interrogations, I was stereotyped and was told I must be a ‘battered’ woman, and that made me feel demeaned and absurdly profiled.”

This is mind-boggling. What type of kangaroo court throws a kid out of school with absolutely no evidence, has video evidence vindicating him and refuses to release it? I wouldn’t just be suing to be allowed back into school. I’d be suing to bring the whole institution to its knees.

How is this not getting more attention? A man was railroaded by the Title IX system, and nobody seems to care. Hopefully this situation is remedied before it’s too late, and before Boermeester’s life and football career are damaged beyond repair.

Disgusting on the part of USC.

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