Ben Ferguson: ‘Childish’ To Question Fitness Of President [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson slammed people who question the fitness of Donald Trump to be president, saying, “they don’t like him.”

During a segment on CNN Wednesday, Ferguson said it is “bush league” and “childish” for people to “imply that [Trump] is either a. trying to figure a way out by going down in flames or b. people are saying the president is unfit.”

“If you don’t like the President of the United States of America, that’s your right,” Ferguson stated. “To somehow imply that ‘I’m terrified’ or he’s unfit, you know, ‘we need to go to plan b’–it’s been six months!”

“The American people decide he is the president,” he continued. “To even have the discussion that he is having I think is out of bounds and it’s irresponsible. It also undermines the office of the presidency.”

The comments were partially in response to James Clapper’s Wednesday comments on CNN, but also were directed at CNN commentator Ana Navarro, who Ferguson had clashed with earlier when Navarro implied the president may have dementia.


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