CNN Commentators Argue Over Whether Or Not Trump Has Dementia

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CNN commentator Ana Navarro called President Donald Trump a “man baby” and doubled down on her tweet suggesting that he has early onset dementia.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota said Wednesday on “New Day” that Navarro had “no proof” and “no evidence” to support her claim, causing Navarro to respond, “That is not sane behavior. I am not a psychiatrist. I am just a regular human being who knows a lot of people and who knows the difference between right and wrong, which is more than this 71-year-old man baby seems to be able know.”

CNN commentator Ben Ferguson took issue with Navarro’s assertions, and brought up her live television outbursts.

“To say that the man has a medical condition or imply he somehow has dementia, you’ve had some pretty intense moments on TV. You had some intense moments where you’re yelling the P word on TV,” Ferguson said. “No one tweeted out and said that you have early onset dementia. To describe someone that way is incredibly unfair. I also think that honestly you’re a lot better than that.”

Camerota pivoted the discussion to whether or not Trump’s Tuesday Phoenix rally was unifying. Ferguson said the rally was par for the course.

“It was a classic campaign rally speech that we’ve been seeing now for what a year? Over a year,” Ferguson said. “I don’t think every speech the president gives has to be a quote unifying speech, because you’re fighting for something in politics. I could give you a thousand examples of Barack Obama was not unifying the country and was trying to pass Obamacare. Did anyone say he was unhinged or had early onset dementia?”

Ferguson added that just because a person doesn’t approve of the president doesn’t mean one gets to defer to personal attacks. In turn, Navarro reacted harshly to Ferguson, calling him an “apologist for every ridiculous thing this man says.”

If Trump is not mentally incapacitated, he is “just such an incredibly self centered narcissistic unfit jerk, that it makes it that much worse,” according to Navarro.

Ferguson responded that, when the press declares war and tries to imply Trump shouldn’t be president, he has a right to return fire.

“I think when the press starts implying that somehow you shouldn’t be president or somehow you’re in this disaster zone, or that you’re acting as a 6-year-old, as I’ve heard some people in the press literally say, you have a right to defend yourself,” Ferguson said.

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