CNN’s Chris Cuomo Slapped Down By Guest: ‘Don’t Put Words In My Mouth’ [VIDEO]

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The former director of Black Outreach for George W. Bush, Paris Dennard, told CNN host Chris Cuomo Wednesday to not put words in his mouth after he defended President Donald Trump’s Charlottesville remarks.

Cuomo took issue with Dennard defending Trump’s comments and accused Dennard of “straining” to make his point. This prompted Dennard to tell Cuomo, “I’m not straining Chris. It’s not strained. Trust me it’s not strained. Don’t put words in my mouth,” he said on “New Day” Wednesday.

Dennard said Trump has already denounced white supremacists, but is in a no-win situation with the media because he is scrutinized no matter what he says.

“You keep moving the goal post for him, it’s never good enough. He’s denounced them multiple times. I think this is the fifth time he has denounced them,” Dennard said.

When Dennard was challenged by Cuomo about Trump claiming there were “good people” at the rally, Dennard cited Heather Heyer and said, “Heather was at the rally. And I think everyone can say that Heather was a good person.” This sparked a tirade from Cuomo.

“He [Trump] wasn’t talking about Heather Heyer. Don’t even let those words be in your mouth right now,” Cuomo said. “Don’t bring Heather Heyer into this. She was on the other side. She was fighting against the Nazis! She was part of the ‘many sides’ problem that the President drew up. Don’t put her in the good people.”

Cuomo told Dennard, “What you ignore, you empower. Take those words with you today.” Dennard warned Cuomo to be more careful with his rhetoric, to which, Cuomo replied, “Take your own advice.”

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