ESPN Officially Proves The World Has Gone Crazy

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN has finally proved there’s no level of craziness it’s not willing to descend to.

Clay Travis reported Tuesday announcer Robert Lee had been removed by ESPN from the Virginia football game against William and Mary because his name is too similar to that of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

He wrote in part:

In a story that seems made for The Onion, but is actually true, according to multiple Outkick fans inside ESPN MSESPN decided to pull an Asian college football announcer named Robert Lee off the William and Mary at University of Virginia college football game because they were concerned that having an ASIAN FOOTBALL ANNOUNCER NAMED ROBERT LEE would be offensive to some viewers.

To avoid offending left wing idiots Robert Lee, the Asian college football announcer, not the Confederate General who died in 1870 and shares a name with him, was switched to the Youngstown State at Pittsburgh game and Dave Weekley will now call the William and Mary at University of Virginia game.

That’s it. Put a nail in the coffin of America because our society is absolutely dead. How stupid does ESPN think its viewers are? Do ESPN leaders honestly believe viewers don’t know the difference between a Confederate general and a football announcer?

I love football. I might love football more than I love breathing. Maybe even more than my gorgeous blue eyes. This move is the exact opposite of a football guy move. Football isn’t about protecting feelings. It’s about getting in the trenches, moving the chains and winning.

ESPN has successfully pissed off football fans everywhere. Your average football fan is a guy who works his 40 hours a week, wants to drink a few cold beer, unplug from the world and watch small-scale war on the gridiron. He doesn’t agree with this agenda of sanitizing the world.

I have no doubt some executive at ESPN thought removing Lee was a genius idea. They probably assumed ESPN was protecting the world, but in reality, they just revealed themselves for believing football fans are too dumb or too sensitive for Robert Lee to announce a game.

Shoutout to ESPN. We’re officially past the point of parody.

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