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Phoenix: Antifa Dork Gets NUKED In The Balls

REUTERS/U.S. Library of Congress/Handout via Reuters

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ANTIFA: Another Nutsack Totalled In Fascist AmeriKKKa!

Watching what’s going on in America right now is pretty depressing, so we could all use a good laugh. Here you go:

Handy hint: If you don’t want your balls to get demolished in a riot, don’t participate in a riot. You can be angry all you want, but when the cops tell you to hit the bricks, just scamper along home to Mommy. Or else you may end up with balls the size of cantaloupes while the whole world laughs at your dumb ass.

This magic moment was instantly memeable or viralable or whatever the word is, but this one is by far my favorite:

One must have a heart of stone to watch that youngster’s package get wrecked without laughing.

There’s going to be more of this. These Antifa kiddies can’t get what they want by winning elections, so they’re going to keep throwing fits. At least we can get some entertainment value from it. Let’s hope these idiots don’t wise up and start wearing a cup.