Protester Hit In The Crotch With Tear Gas Canister Updated With Some Celine Dion [VIDEO]

Twitter via Tim Young

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The No Thing’s Considered Tim Young updated a protestor hit by tear gas with some Celine Dion background music Tuesday.

Young added his own commentary on Twitter in response to Trump’s rally at the Phoenix Convention Center where police officers attempted to control protestors outside with tear gas, reported CNN Wednesday.

One protester, in particular, did not have much luck when the tear gas slammed into gus crotch. Young used this footage in his clip below.

“WATCH: I upgraded the video of the protester getting hit in the balls with a tear gas canister… with Celine Dion. ,” tweeted Young.

“You sir win the internet today,” tweeted one Twitter user.

“Hilarious!! what they get for acting like fools!” tweeted another.

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