Sergey Kislyak To CNN: ‘You Should Be Ashamed’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN caught up with former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak on Wednesday for a rare on-camera interview and pressed him on everything from sanctions to collusion.

Predictably, Kislyak would not say whether or not he discussed sanctions with members of the Trump campaign or if there was ever a possibility of opening up a secret communications channel with Jared Kushner.

But he did opt to talk about his meeting in the White House with President Donald Trump and allegations that he is a “spymaster.”

“Were you surprised when Donald Trump exposed secret information to you about Syria?” CNN’s Matthew Chance asked Kislyak.

“Im not sure that I heard anything that would be secret,” Kislyak said about his meeting with Trump. “But it was a good meeting and we were discussing things that were important to their country and mine.”

The interview quickly got tense when Chance asked Kislyak if he is a “spymaster.”

“You should be ashamed,” Kislyak declared, “because CNN is the company that keeps on pointing to this allegation. It is complete nonsense”

The interview concluded with Kislyak refusing to say if he had “lost faith” in President Trump’s ability to lift sanctions on Russia.



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