Taylor Swift Should Be Placed On A Watchlist

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Remember when everyone freaked out last week because Taylor Swift deleted all her social media accounts?

Silly people. Taylor doesn’t stay out of the limelight for less than a week.

Just like clockwork, she was back at it again this week in a big way with her album Reputation due out November 10. She reactivated her social media accounts and posted a photo of herself — I mean a snake — late last night, and let the responses poured in.

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The snake post is clearly a reference to Kim Kardashian’s tweet last year that she’s a snake (Kimye outed Taylor for playing the victim card in Kanye’s song “Famous”).

Ah Taylor. You make it so easy to hate you. Everything from your trite, overplayed pop ballads to you red Keds sneakers is just so….cloying.

Does she think the choker and ripped sweater really make her edgy?

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Edgy, no. But dangerous, indeed. Swift’s constant need for public attention was cute when she was 15, exaggerated when she was 20, and now that she’s 27…it’s nothing other than a danger to the national interest.

Reputation is reportedly aimed at her critics and enemies, of which there are many.

She’s rumored to have countless feuds with many celebrities. At this point, I think it’s time we put her on a watchlist — one for annoying people.

Anybody who has this many problems with beautiful, harmless celebrities is bound to have even more trouble with average people. If she can hate a face like Jake Gyllenhaal and resist a body like Katy Perry’s, who knows what she’ll do to your average 195 lb middle aged accountant trying to fight her off for the last falafel at the street cart?

She’s a community agitator who spends her free time plotting, seething, and destroying. Sound familiar? I don’t even think Antifa would want her at this point. She’s far too dangerous and toxic.

It’s time we put a search warrant out for her, destroy her music, and silence her fans. We already know about her Reputation. Nobody wants to hear it.