Just When You Thought ESPN’s Week Couldn’t Get Worse, A Host Ends Up In Cuffs

Ryen Russillo (Credit: Getty Images/Cooper Neill)

Jena Greene Reporter
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ESPN host Ryen Rusillo got a little wild out West Wednesday in Jackson, Wyoming, and it ended with the pundit in cuffs.

Rusillo, who is the host of The Rusillo Show, reportedly got so drunk he couldn’t find his way home and wandered into a stranger’s condo instead. After refusing to leave, the strangers called the cops around 3:30 a.m.

Police said Russillo was naked and “couldn’t coherently answer any questions” and “was too intoxicated to follow through with the request.” So they took him in and booked him for a misdemeanor with a maximum $750 fine.

Hey, Ryen, don’t let it get you down. Yeah, being naked and refusing to leave a stranger’s condo isn’t a great look, but it happens to everyone. A few years back, Kiefer Sutherland drunkenly jumped on a Christmas tree because he thought he was a pirate, and nobody remembers that. We all still think of him as Jack Bauer.

If Jack Bauer can do this, I think your 350,000 Twitter followers can forgive a little party in somebody else’s condo.

So, everybody, just chill out. Ryen was just having a little fun. Who hasn’t illegally trespassed naked and locked themselves in a stranger’s bedroom at one point in his life?

Plus, I already did a quick Google search, just to make sure he doesn’t have the same name as any racist historical figures. He has nothing to worry about there. Ryan will be back to his show in no time.

Unless, of course, ESPN finds fault with the resort town he was staying at. It was Jackson, Wyoming, after all. Not to be that person, but I’m pretty sure there was a Confederate general by the name of a certain Stonewall Jackson. Just saying …